WiSolo Mobile Wallet Advertising Platform

Our mobile wallet platform offers advertisers the ability to convert a simple mobile display ad into a data-driven lead generation ad — by offering “tap able” mobile coupons, promotions, membership cards, loyalty or event passes.

These ads can be distributed through our Wi-Fi ad network,  any website, social media, email, QR code or SMS campaign. Our platform works seamlessly with iPhones or Android smart phones.

We can show the mobile wallet promotion advertisement across all the standard mobile ad unit sizes. All you need to do is click on an ad, and the promotional landing page link will be displayed for the user to sign up and “Add” (not a download) to that user’s mobile wallet.

We offer a new way to connect deeply with mobile users utilizing their mobile wallet app. Never before has a mobile advertiser been able to give mobile users a way to carry an offer with them, just by clicking on a mobile ad.

Connect with Your Community

WiSolo Mobile’s ad platform offers a new way to connect deeply with local customers by utilizing Wi-Fi hotspots, the mobile wallet app and location based messaging.  Simply “Tap” & “Add”promotions, coupon or offers from a mobile ad unit!  Our mobile wallet promotions can be easily distributed through current marketing channels such as social media, email, QR code, print, websites and a mobile share link on the back on every pass.

Tailor Messages to Specific Groups or Profiles

Hyper-targeted social advertising allows you to design a target group according to various criteria and choose the people you want to advertise to, especially those who have strong preferences for your services or products. If you want to reach a broad demographic with your ad, you can tailor your ad to each segment of it. If you have a smaller target market, you can really focus your efforts in on that particular segment of users. High-targeted advertising leads to higher profits by reducing inefficient advertising to consumers whose preferences do not match your product’s attributes.

Attract new Customers with One Click

WiSolo Mobile is revolutionizing the way SMB owners interact with their customers. By using powerful mobile wallet WiFi marketing technologies. We can turn passive guest into raving fans through remarkable customer experiences.

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