Our Goal is to Serve Your Business with Improved Customer Engagement Tools for Improved Customer Loyalty, Increased Store Traffic and Increased Sales.

An All-in-One tool: WiFi service, lead generation and email marketing.

Your in-store WiFi can do more for your business: Our WiFi Platform builds your email list, increases customer loyalty, generates real leads, integrates with your FaceBook page; engages your customers in real time and more.

We Make it Easy and Automated: Use your custom-branded login page to cater to your customers, all while targeting clients through email after they leave your business. Offer free WiFi in exchange for connecting with Social Media. Run social powered WiFi promotions for special offers, special events, and other opportunities unique to your business.

  • Lead Generation: Turn your free WiFi into an automated lead generating machine.
  • Custom Designed Landing Pages: Your logo and branding reflects your business and your brand when your customers log-in.
  • Send a Welcome Email: Every client who signs into your WiFi will receive an automated welcome email message featuring your loyalty program – or another special promotion.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Learn more about your customers, frequency of visits and other patterns.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Give your loyal customers mobile rewards at log-in – just like the national brands like Starbucks do.

WiFi is no longer a luxury. WiFi is an expectation for all customers. Now is your opportunity to leverage the same mobile platforms that the national chains use.

No More Paper Cards: Move your Loyalty Program onto Your Customer’s Smartphones

Pre-installed “mobile wallets” are applications on smartphones, such as Apple Wallet or Android Pay, that allow merchants to reach their customers in a relevant and compelling way — and giving you a new mobile marketing communication channel.

Your business is now able to store, save, share coupons, store or loyalty cards, rewards, event tickets — anything — while engaging with the users in real-time on their mobile device. There’s no need for a new App to download.

Mobile wallets are simple to implement and a highly effective for your business to interact with your customers, not only in real-time but also based on their location.

We will work with you on a Mobile Wallet pass that is designed for your business and your customer base. You will see these benefits:

  • Enhanced customer loyalty by delivering a superior customer experience
  • A technologically advanced loyalty solution that differentiates your business from the competition
  • Increased brand awareness and build relationships between you and your customers
  • A platform for secure and accurate loyalty reward transactions
  • A simplified management and redemption service
Geo-fencing becomes Geo-targeting, reaching your customers when they are nearby.

Geo-fencing is a virtual fence of information created around a real-world geographical area. Once users enter the designated area, promotions and messages can be sent to their compatible mobile devices to evoke interest and create a possible buying opportunity. Geo-fencing becomes geo-targeting when hyper-local deals, not just general information, are pushed to mobile devices (offering deals at a nearby flower shop when a customer makes a purchase at a mall jewelry store, for example).

The key to success for these initiatives is to make them value-additive rather than intrusive: the same customers who may feel apprehensive about push notifications may welcome geo-fencing when the store they want to visit has moved and they are automatically informed about its new location.

Geo-Fencing is perfect for small malls and merchants in high-traffic areas. We’ll work with you to develop an intelligent proximity marketing plan that includes Geo-Fencing, and then continually refine the program to ensure the best outcome for you — be it sales, promotions, loyalty or foot traffic.

We’ll Do All the Work: You’re busy, we get it. We’ll handle marketing & promotions legwork so you can focus on what you do best: run your business
  • We run marketing & promotions automatically: We’ll handle all of your customer engagement needs with automated campaigns, customer analytics, special rewards and more.
  • We help you create a custom rewards program. From simple to complex, we help you craft the perfect program for your business, with VIP status, multiple tiers, and more.
  • You Don’t Need to Build or Buy Your Own App: Customers sign up with just their phone number:
  • You get complete control. You control your rewards and promotion content, and you own all of the data, including contact information and notes.

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