Mission Viejo’s Kaleidoscope Mall to Offer Merchants and Consumers Mobile & WiFi Services Local South County Mobile Marketing & Proximity Expert Unveils New Services for Merchants in Mission Viejo Mall

The Kaleidoscope Mall in Mission Viejo, California joins the ranks of cutting edge retail facilities by adding mobile and WiFi services for both merchants and shoppers. South County mobile and WiFi marketing expert Brad Dickey has implemented an innovative WiFi service called Free Spot WiFi to enable shoppers a powerful new way to shop, dine and interact with Kaleidoscope retailers using their smartphones, tablets and social networks.

“We are revolutionizing in-venue customer experiences by offering shoppers smartphone access to hyperlocal in-store deals – driving more brick-and-mortar transactions,” said Brad Dickey of Laguna Niguel-based WiLocal. “Our services allow mall owners to increase sales per square foot and gives retailers an innovative way to reach and influence on-property consumer purchase decisions.”

Today, shoppers can utilize their smartphones and tablets to take advantage of coupons, discounts and loyalty programs, and find out about interesting events and activities at Kaleidoscope Mall. Merchants have the opportunity to engage shoppers in ways that direct mail, printed loyalty cards and flyers cannot.

“Transitioning tried and true loyalty programs onto a secure and easy mobile device allows much more flexibility and accountability for all stakeholders involved in the promotion,” Dickey went on to say. “We have seen that Mission Viejo residents and Kaleidoscope shoppers are very comfortable with smartphones and other devices, and merchants are becoming more aware of the value that mobile applications can play in their loyalty programs.”

More information about Kaleidoscope’s WiFi and mobile engagement service is available online at www.Wi-Local.com or by calling 714-420-5592.

About Free Spot WiFi
Free Spot WiFi is one of the largest privately held Wi-Fi management companies in the U.S. With multiple proprietary and patented technologies Free Spot allows you to focus on running your property, not managing Wi-Fi. In addition, our technology provides you with an organic advertising platform that will help you engage your existing customers on social media and create a new revenue opportunity.

About WiLocal
WiLocal offers small to mid-sized business owners a powerful proximity marketing solutions to engage and interact with customers via smartphones and Wi-Fi. We utilize location based messaging and social-powered Wi-Fi to accomplish a cost-effective and simple approach to retaining customers and driving more sales. WiLocal’s proximity marketing bundle combine’s location based notification, with real time updates and semi-permanent mobile wallet passes for both iPhone and Android wallets. Our bundle also includes automating marketing list by offering free Wi-Fi in your venue or store. We help turn your customers into fans using Social Powered Free Wi-Fi and Mobile Marketing. Contact us at www.wi-local.com