Brad Dickey

About Us

WiSoloMobile is revolutionizing in-venue customer experiences. Our suite of products provide small to mid-sized business owners powerful proximity marketing solutions to engage and interact with customers via their smartphones and WiFi hotspots.

We utilize location based messaging and a social-powered Wi-Fi hotspot to accomplish a cost-effective and simple approach to retaining customers and driving more sales! WiSoloMobile’s proximity marketing bundle combine’s location based notification, with real time updates and semi-permanent mobile wallet passes for both iPhone and Android wallets. Our bundle also includes automating marketing list by offering free Wi-Fi in your venue or store. We help turn your customers into fans using Social Powered Free Wi-Fi and Mobile Marketing. Contact us at

Mobile retail solutions offering shoppers smartphone access to hyperlocal in-store deals – driving more brick-and-mortar transactions. WiSoloMobile empowers mall owners to increase sales per square foot and gives retailers an innovative way to reach and influence on-property consumer purchase decisions.